mastering for vinyl


i’m mastering some tracks for a vinyl release. is there a phase meter for ardour? i want to see which tracks are in / out of phase? and i would also like to use an elliptical filter to remove some phase problems in the lower frequencies. can anyone recomment a good elliptical filter to use in ardour.

thanks in advance for any help!


thanks again for all your replies. i really appreciate it.

The Gate plugin from looks interesting, but without a phase meter i’m kinda poking around in the dark.

that’s good news about mixbus for linux. will check it out.

and thanks for the links to the phase meters. i will give them a try.

still looking for an elliptic filter. anyone with an idea for one?

Mixbus is available for linux:

thanks again for your comments.

yes, that was the problem: too many mic’s on stage. regarding mixbus: unfortunately this is not available for linux (which is what i use), otherwise i might give it a try.

thanks for your help.

i will have a look at this.

Other stereo phase meters are:
jkmeter (standalone):
kmeter (linuxvst + standalone):

With 15 open mics on a stage, they’re all going to be out of phase with one another to varying degrees, and there is no way you can fix that.

But to answer your question, I don’t know who makes a phase correlation plugin, but Mixbus has one built it.

This might be of interest:

The Gate plugin includes some other more general purpose signal conditioning sections, one of which is a Phase Rotator, similar to the ‘IBP’ (In Between Phase) hardware box:

The phase rotator section of the plugin is designed to help compensate for phase problems in multi-microphone setups and has been known to work well on e.g. drum kits or acoustic instrument / vocal mics. Without knowing the nature of the original material it’s difficult to say if it will be effective for you, but there is a free demo.

thanks for your reply.

i’m using debian stable (woody). i ran the install as root (su).

anyone else install the calf plugins from source on debian?

What kind of tracks are you mixing? If you’re using good engineering practices there should be no phase issues of any consequence. The real problems occur when things are 180 degrees out of phase, and that is pretty easy to avoid.

thanks for your reply.

i’m mixing a live recording of a group of eight people – there are probably around 15 microphones in total used. i wasn’t the recording engineer. if i had a phase meter, then i could at least have a look at which tracks are out of phase, and how much out of phase.

so, it’s not a matter of avoiding something, more, dealing with the material at hand. there’s no way i can go back and fix the original recordings, which is why i want to have a closer look at any phase problems – especially as this recording will be pressed to vinyl.

any suggestions for a phase meter or elliptic filter? this is what i’m really looking for, not advice on recording.

thanks again. i will give these a try, but i see there is still no elliptical filter here.

can anyone recommend an elliptical filter for ardour?


i followed the installation (from source) instructions on the calf site but the plug-ins don’t show up in ardour. the installation had no error messages.

anyone successfully installed the calf plug-ins from source?


I don’t know of any elliptical filters for linux, but you might be able to get close enough with a FIR filter. Have you looked at brutefir? (I haven’t used it, so I’m only guessing about its potential suitability).

Regarding phase, I’m guessing since this is for vinyl that you need to check mainly for LF phase problems between R and L. I’m wondering if you could use an oscilloscope plugin in X-Y mode (I sometimes do this with a hardware scope).

thanks for your reply…getting back to this a bit late. these are all good suggestions, i will give them a try.