Mastered with Ardour

Here’s an instrumental music i mastered with Ardour:

The next ones will be definitely “mixed” and mastered" with Ardour. Thanks to the calf and linuxdsp lv2 plugins!!!

Found this thread while looking for info on mastering with Ardour. Good info. I downloaded the jack versions of these tools.


Great music…ardour is powerful…which specific plugins were used here and also on what type of sound card/MICs were used?

Rony P.


Indeed, rainy day atmosphere. Looking forward to the album!

I use the focusrite saffire firewire soundcard for recording and AKG C1000S for micing or C3000B depending on the instrument.I used for composing EWQL Library and the Waves plugins for mixing (mostly API for equalization and SSL G-Equalizer) . Then for mastering on ardour i used the linuxdsp plugins for equalization on mastering and also calf compressor. I think next time i’m going to use the linuxdsp LV2 plugins next time for mixing. If I need the SSL G-Equalizer then I have to do that on Nuendo in Windows. Still couldn’t get the SSL plugins work on linux…