"Master" plugin bypass switch

From another post, I understand that there’s no “master switch” to turn all plugins on/off, so I’d like to propose one. I don’t know how useful it would be to others, but it would be nice to be able to turn all track and buss plugins on or off with one click, to compare the “processed” and “unprocessed” mixes. For me, it’s useful to see what the plugins are doing. It’s a useful check to make sure things aren’t overdone, or to see that the plugins indeed make a good difference.

it has been in the feature list for a long time, and was mostly implemented by some students in france a year or more ago, but not to my satisfaction, alas. doing it right is actually a lot trickier than it may first appear. most people want some magically intuitive combination of ‘all-on/all-off’ and ‘turn-off-the-ons/turn-on-the-offs’ and ‘turn-off-the-ons/turn-them-back-on’.