Marmalade, finished

I finished my album after almost three years of work on it. You can find it on most major streaming services, or on Bandcamp.

Made entirely with Ardour 5.12 and 6.x. All performances, unless otherwise credited, are me. Guitars are my custom built high school project guitar that turned out decently playable - it is loaded with Kent Armstrong humbucker pickups, and is set up so it can be coil-tapped (which is some of the sounds you hear). Bass is a crappy 200$ bass I bought from Rondomusic 10 years ago. Drums are mostly DrumGizmo, with some DrMr Sampler used on Wall of Cogs so I could use tablas. Pianos are all soundfonts. Synths are largely Helm, with NoizeMakr on Opening Night used for the arpegiatted part. All vocals, except the woman’s voice in the beginning of Fallout, are me.

No mold was harmed in the making of that toast that I used as the artwork. God help you if you make it all the way through it and actually like it.

…naked subconscious…faultlessly!

The subject matter is kind of dark. I felt the need to tackle my personal experiences with narcissists and also capture the moment I was in with life after them. My creative goal was to write 11 tracks, as different from one another as I could make them, and then have them arranged so that the order made sense, but that it was a big jump from track to track.