markers on regions

Is there a way to add a marker to a region so that when the region moves, the marker moves with it? The point would be to mark a entrance somewhere in the file and then keep that as you move it and add tracks around it.

Also, is it possible to move the edit cursor or playhead with the arrow keys?

Markers can only have static locations. Also, there is no way to move the playhead or edithead via keys. How would you go about doing the key accelerators? By how much would the cursor move?

In audacity, for example, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the left and right by what I’m guessing is a pixel or two on the screen. I’m not sure if youre asking how it would work logistically, or saying that it wouldn’t be possible, but its a handy feature of some other audio editing programs ive used.

is it possible that these features will be incorporated in future versions?

I’m asking how to work it logically.

It’s not trivial to find good defaults for operations like this. Some people will want it faster, some slower and we don’t want to overwhelm the user by hundreds of small options to control variables like this.

Would the amount be a fixed amount of time? Or would it be a fixed amount of pixels on screen?

If it were to work with the pixels, depending on how far the user is zoomed in on the timeline would determine how much time a pixel/ fixed number of pixels would be.

Doing it by a fixed number of time would work if you could set how much each interval was, and the default setting would be something like 1/100 of a second, but the user could change it to be 1/10 or 1 or even 10 seconds per press.

When trying to find the beginning of a sound in a region or file, its useful to use the arrow keys to find the beginning, where using the mouse can be clumsy.

Does that make more sense?