Markers custom colors

I would like to set the custom colors for markers / ranges. And marker lines are following this color… :slight_smile:
Thx :*

Not a bad suggestion, and it’s not too hard to implement either, but with current ongoing development towards Ardour 7.0, this is quite below the radar at this point in time.

Most of this is already prepared (ArdourMaker color is already a variable, Color Pickers are available, etc). What is missing is to tie it all together, save/restore per marker color with session-state, and the usual details: also color the marker-lines, perhaps also use the same color in the mini-timeline etc.

It would be a nice task for someone interested to get started with contributing to Ardour’s codebase.

If there is no reply here in the next days, it would be handy to file a feature-request on instead, so that it won’t be forgotten. The forum is not great to keep track of things mid/long term. Thanks!

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