Mark & unmake simitone in piano roll


Curious, what is the goal of this?


: D
easy find scale and chord position

There is a prototype available:

In any case feature request belong on

thanks @x42
is a perfect patch
but why ardour team dont use this ???

We will. – See the comments on the pull-request.

We already have infrastructure prepared for this which the patch does not yet use.
So in order to make this maintainable and avoid duplicating work, the patch needs to be consolidated a bit before we accept it.

But yes, it’s about 90% there.

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It’s also missing all the Messaien octatonic scales, and Locrian flat-2. Unacceptable with these limitations. :upside_down_face:

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precisely. From the PR:

  • I think hardcoding scales is not a good idea, Scales should be dynamically loaded and extensible. So I’d not define enums for root notes and scales. That is limiting down the road.
  • The code should eventually be consolidated with libs/surfaces/push2/

Also ParameterDescriptor::midi_note_name() should be used to make note names translatable. e.g. German uses “H” instead of “B” etc.

Furthermore it’d be nice to have this not per track but globally for all tracks, and allow to change the scale at given points on the timeline, since many compositions change key.

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