March 1, 2022 Song release made with Ardour

Check out my latest song release “Deep in the Wind” here: Punch-Up Song: Deep in the Wind. Web page details all the software used to make the audio recording (I.E. Ardour plus lv2 plugins).

This is a rock/post-punk song. Arranged as vocals, bass, guitar, drums and synthesizer. The drums are AVL Drumkit (Red Zeppelin) hosted as 9 Ardour midi tracks. Synthesizer is ZynAddSubFX, also hosted as one Ardour midi track.

Mix all done with Ardour. I used the Ardour export preset for youtube, to create an audio master.

A few recording notes: Prior to exporting a master, I reroute the outputs of the midi tracks (drums and synth) to a set of Ardour mono tracks (I.E. 2 mono tracks for the drums, 2 mono tracks for the synth). I route each set of mono tracks to an Ardour stereo bus, hence creating a stereo output for each instrument. I then deactivate the Ardour midi tracks. On my computer, that relieves some of the DSP and CPU load.

I plugged my electric guitar in to a Fender Champion XL50 digital amplifier. That amplifier provides two outputs: speaker and headphone. I used an adapter cable (1/8’’ to XLR) to route the headphone output into my computer’s audio interface. To my surprise, that worked quite well. I added a tiny bit of EQ for the rhythm guitars, the rest of the guitars required no other processing.

Again, my website details all the plugins used with Ardour.

All feedback welcome,