Mapping the M-Audio Axiom II 49

First of all, i’ve been trying to get the Axiom II 49 to work with Ardour 3, i get it to be recognized no problem with Jack via USB, and also work with other software in Linux, now about Ardour: there is an article to read about Midi Mapping that i have already read ( and i think i followed

I actually got to write the midi mapping file and used it in A3B5, but i can only get a few of the binding to work, so here is some information for anyone willing to help making this mapping done for the community.

The Axiom II 49 has 9 Faders with an additional button, nice to “SOLO” the tracks, it has 6 dedicated buttons for transport and also 8 encoders and 8 pads, so i’m only trying to get the faders, their buttons, the transporter buttons and 2 pads to work in Ardour (the pads only to change the banks). With that setup the rest of the controller is quite available to other midi purposes within A3.

This is the link for the text in the .map file:

Only the buttons on below the faders work… thats section 3 in the text.

Any help is welcome!

probbaly best to attach a MIDI dump (you can use the a3 MIDI trace tool or an external app like jack_midi_dump or aseqdump) to show what the axiom generates when you press or move various things.

Ok did the Dump, the whole output was around 700 lines, i included pads, pitch bend, mod, encoders and also notes, now the Axiom II 49 has a Octave selector which makes 3 more octaves available both down and up from Octave 0, i only made the dump for octave 0, i hope is enough but if its not i will gladly do it, just let me know.

I made a link also for the output from Ardour Midi trace tool, here it is:

I don’t see any problems with this.