Mapping of Sysex in midi-binding-maps

I have an old Yahama PSR-4600 this have eight drum pads which produces SysEx-Events.

I read about the midi binding maps in Ardour

but I am not sure if I understand all.

Is it possible to map SysEx-Events to Note-Events?

One tip on a drum pad produces two events:

Sysex (8) = [f0 43 76 04 00 13 01 f7]
Sysex (8) = [f0 43 76 04 00 13 00 f7]

I want to map the two events on

NoteOn chn  1 37 5f
NoteOff chn  1 37 40

It is ok for me to hard code the mapping of the eight drum pads to 8 different Notes.

Is this possible?

What Do I have to write into the .map file?

Thanks for any hint.
Peter Schütt

MIDI bindng maps do not create translations from one MIDI message to another. They create an association between a MIDI message and some action inside Ardour. There is no action for “note on, number 37”. They are not appropriate for your purpose. You need some other kind of MIDI mapper, either as a plugin or outside of Ardour itself.

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Thanks for the clearing.

I try to use the “Midi Event Map”-Plugin from Robin Gareus.

I put it in a Midi-Channel before the General Midi Plugin.
I created a file

midimap v1

0xf0 0x43 0x76 0x04 0x00 0x13 0x00 0xf7 | NoteOnC5 60 0x43

and loaded it in the plugin.
It shows no active rule and it does not work.

I am not shure if I use it in the right way.

Is it possible to see some error logs somewhere?

Thanks for any hints.
Peter Schütt

it won’t work. From the midimap.lv2 documentation:

Thanks for clearing.

Does anyone knows an alternative for my request?

Thanks for any hint.

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