Mapping inline controls - values from -6 to +6 instead of -Inf to 0.0dB?

I want to control the sends on a 24x24 matrix mixer plugin. To do this I am using generic inline controls, which are MIDI learnable. Unfortunately for me the inline controls go from a value of -6 (extreme left) to +6 (extreme right). I can’t work out what these values are supposed to represent, and they don’t corespond to the values on the controls that I want to map, which go from -Inf to +6dB (which makes much more sense to me.
Can anyone explain this discrepancy, and perhaps a workaround to the problem?
See linked video for details. MIDI learn on 24x24 matrix controls_strange values

It is a bit of an oddity of the plugin. The control port is the coefficient. The signal is multiplied with the value in the range of -6 … 0 … + 6.

The positive range of *0…6 is -inf+15.5dB, and negative multiplicand is used to invert signal polarity.

So you want a range for the coefficient from 0…+2. Lucky LV2 plugins have separate meta-data, so you can edit matrixmixer.ttl and change the range of each control-port and since the range no longer crosses zero, it can be set it to be logscale.

…or simply save the following file to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/matrixmixer-i24o24.lv2/matrixmixer.ttl:

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