Mapping Drumgizmo Channels

Hi there.

I was trying to configure ardour in ardour, but the channels defined in drumgizmo documentation (for crokerdill and another kits) seems not to works fine:


Instead this channel mapping, i was trying with this one:

Im not sure if it is the best… but im sure is better than original one. Do you know why the channels are changed?

Its very strange…

at some point I uninstalled the drumgizmo plugin and i install it again and recreate the track… for my surprise, the channels where remapped in other order. Its posible that drumgizmo mapped the channels in diferents ways each time?

No. The channels in the audio file don’t change. Just connect them to mixer channels as stated.

You may rearrange your channel strips any way you like for mixing.

In my experience… drumgizmo not uses allways the ch14, ch15 for drum (with the same Kits). I dont know if it was a bug or what…

Ok, i think i have discover de Mistery…


if u have bypassed the drumgizmo midi track the channels works in one way. If u dont have bypassed, it works in another way.

In the bypassed method, i think it works in this way:


In no bypassed method, this is the channels:


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