Map General MIDI Synth Programs to MIDI Bus

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to figure out why, when I close Ardour and the session, the MIDI programs in the General MIDI Synth MIDI bus are reset. For example I set in C1 Finger Bass and in C2 Steel Guitar but when I close the session they are gone. This happens only in the MIDI Bus. If I try to insert the General MIDI Synth in a MIDI track it works perfectly.


General MIDI Synth

As opposed to tracks, busses don’t save MIDI state. Note how the heading reads volatile.

The solution here is to save the instrument bank/program with each track, and play it into the bus.

One way to do that is to use the Patch Selector from each MIDI track’s track-header.
On session re-load the patch is restored for the track by sending MIDI CC/PGM events to the track, which then arrive at the bus and update the synth there.

Another way is to directly add Patches to a MIDI region on the timeline.

Thank you for the answer, Robin.

So when I start the session I need to apply the patch selector on every track. Is that correct?

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