Manual configured audio track for output?

(Martin Bångens) #1

How dose the manual output of an audio tack work, the one you chose when you create a new track? way can’t I connect it to anything in the routing grid?

(12strings2hands) #2

If you create an audio track, the output goes to Master.
Master goes to hardware output.
You can change this.
One way to change output is:
right click on name of track / select “outputs” / you will see lots of options.

There are many more ways to do a lot of connections, but this is the most basic.

(Martin Bångens) #3

I cant connect a normal audio track (when I configured is “manual” instead of “stereo”) to anything nothing happens when i click on any output. is this normal or a bug?

(Martin Bångens) #4

When I try adding a audio output port it says: Its not possible to add a port here…
way is it not possible? If I can’t add an output then this track is worthless? what would you use it for?

(Paul Davis) #5

You’re not trying to add an output port, i suspect. You need to connect it. Window > Audio Connections or click on the “out” button at the bottom of the corresponding mixer strip. Also, IRC for more useful interaction when asking questions like this.

(Martin Bångens) #6

This is some screen shoots I hope there helpful

(Martin Bångens) #7

What I try to do is to connect this track to anything out, but Ardour wont, and it looks strange the rectangular connection-buttons in the routing grid have white appearance. Ok I’ll try ICR chat next time :smiley:

(Paul Davis) #8

I have no idea what type of file that was that you zipped up. It looks like some windows-specific reporting format, which is not usable (or useful) to us.

Greyed out “buttons” in the routing grid normally indicate type mismatches (e.g. audio vs. MIDI)

(Martin Bångens) #9

Okej, I simply can’t understand for what reason I would go manually instead of the other options like mono or stereo? Can not connect anything in or out of the track.
It not a problem but a simple question, all connections are grey out and Ardour wont connect anything to this track, not in or out. no error message nothing happens when I try to connect it.
whats going on?

(Paul Davis) #10

A screenshot would be helpful. I suggest joining us on IRC, though I can’t promise I’ll be around much until Monday US eastern day time.