Mantis Sponsorship Payment How To?

Hey Everyone,

Could any one describe, or point me towards how to pay for issue sponsorships on Mantis? At least on the tracker site I cannot seem to find a way. Perhaps a silly question, but I would like to start contributing to the project in a directed way.


You pay via the donation system on the website. If you are paying for sponsorship of an issue, jump on IRC or drop Paul an email to let him know exactly that and he will take care of it.


Create an account on mantis if you haven’t done that already.
Sign in and pick a bug/feature. The first section of the page has details about the bug/feature. The second section allows you to add sponsorship.

sorry… I just now saw you asked how to actually pay…

And I don’t know that…

Right On,

I figured it would be something like that. Thanks for your help.