Managing "saved" plugin settings?

While experimenting with different EQ settings and other effects I find myself saving ones I like. (Using the little save function in ardour, while editing the settings.) Pretty normal and expected use, I think.

But what I keep running into is that after a few tries I might want to clear out a bunch of my saved settings, getting rid of flubs or just keeping a few of the best ones. (One or two different ones for a kick drum, a couple for different styles of bass guitar, and so on.)

BUT… I don’t see a way to do it via the interface.

(I’ve also noticed that it will let me save new settings under the same name as an existing one, but instead of overwriting the old one I get multiple instances of the same name. Which causes a problem when selecting them… it’ll only let me choose one of them, then it “sticks”. Maybe a bug?)

Anyhow… I’m looking for how/where all of those settings are saved, so I can go clean 'em up by hand. Deleting those I no longer need, renaming others, etc.

I’ve poked around, and I’m not seeing them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


FWIW, I found this thread in the mailing list that says where they live. (Somewhere under ~/.ladspa/)

This person seems to have been experiencing the same kinds of problems I am, including the wacky behavior duplicate setting names.

Unfortunely that issue was never answered. :frowning:

This is my area. I’ll see what I can do. Are you running ardour2?

No, I’m on the latest “stable” (or close to it). 0.99 something… whatever was the latest FC3/Planet CCRMA version at my last update, about 3 months ago.

I could get the exact version number when I go out there tonight. (No network out in the “boonies” studio. :slight_smile:

After checking out the config file I have to say I agree… it might be easier to just write down all of the settings of the ones I want to keep and blow the file away (starting over).

That file is a doozy. I was having trouble telling where one saved setting ended, and the next began.

There should really be a way to delete saved settings from the interface. Maybe there is in Ardour2? (Which I haven’t seen yet.)