Man in the Moon (100% Ardour)

I use Ardour on a daily base for over 6 years now, I think, and I made a lot of songs with this software. And altough I’m sometimes at war with Ardour :wink: (especially the midi implementation) I’m really pleased and thankfull it exists.
I play most instruments but not the drums. What you hear is DrumGizmo, Aasimonster (also an excellent piece of software!).
Hope you like the song:

And here is another, also something to do with the moon, it’s called Luna:


haha, this was really a nice way spending morning with a cup of coffee and find this piece of music uploaded to this forum. love it :slight_smile: <3
really nice harmonies (guitars and vocal).
arrangement aswell.
This is really something more I have to reach for!
looking forward to hear more from you! :slight_smile:

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Back to the 70ies, Budgie, early Rush, Thin Lizzy etc

and the most Taperecorder thing I have seen in a DAW for some time :wink:

Funthing to listen :slight_smile:

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Nice job for sure! Really like the drumming on that.

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Sounds excellent! Catchy song and the guitar playing is incredible!

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That’s awesome, nice sound :metal:

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Thanks a lot cjoke,
And if you want to hear some music with the same guitarplayer (me) and same singer check this out: Moonwitch- Shadows of the forest

why is the track gone? copyright issues? post a download link somewhere!

I’m sorry Saam R Sany. Did some reshuffling last week. Here’s the track.

It’s one of the songs (and Luna also) on my album Planet C - In Orbit which is on most streaming platforms now. This is the spotify weblink: