Making regions move with musical time


Is there any way of making regions that lock to the musical bars/beats time? Specifically, if I use kick/snare/hi-hat samples on some tracks to create a drum part, is there a way to lock them to their musical time so I can then change the tempo and have them move with it?

This is more of a ‘sequencer’ way of working (or like grid mode in Pro Tools), but it would be very useful.



I’m sorry to say there is not and I agree that this is definitely a desirable feature.

I had a quick look in the issue tracker and I could not find a feature request for this(although it may be there somewhere). If you could create a new feature request and describe in as much detail as you can how you expect such a feature to work including a detailed description of how it works in the software you are familiar with(Pro Tools I guess) that would be helpful.

I think I understand some of the redesign that would be needed for such a feature and I would not expect it to be implemented soon but a good description of your use case may give the developers a better understanding of why such a feature is important and how to implement it.

No need to explain why its important. Its certainly on my mental to-do list, but there is no expected date.

The interface i imagine will be to “lock” the region and select “absolute time” or “musical time” as the lock options. Then changing tempo will do what you expect.

Its actually not that hard to do, just a matter of time.

Great; that’s good to know. Thanks.

mattb, if you like this already implemented feature I would like to ask to help us on this issue with reports (or donations) or how ever you think of, if you don’t mind. I know this post is old, but the issue is new :slight_smile: Link: