Making deb package of ardour 2.7.1


I downloaded and complied arodur 2.7.1 using command:

scons VST=yes FREESOUND=yes GTK=yes FFT_ANALYSIS=yes

(i put vst zip in good place)

and compilation done successfully. Now i need to make debian package (deb) from this. How to build this?

In sources compiled by ./configure; make i using this commands:

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

but this not working on ardour (and other scons compiled project).

Can You explain Me how to build deb?

I’ve googled scons and dh_make and haven’t found anything helpful.
As this is a Debian specific issue that really has nothing to do with Ardour, generally speaking, I’d suggest you ask this in a Debian forum.

But if you find a good answer, please post it here for others to find (or be incorporated in the docs).

What about this:

I just took a short look. Its about a additional scons target to build a debian package.

Perhaps we can integrate something like that to the “official” scons script?


checkinstall scons VST=1 FREESOUND=1 GTK=1 FFT_ANALYSIS=1 install

this command generates the .deb package and install it

What is the difference or advantage in having gtk in the build path?



I’m done making deb package using this tutorial:

This is very quick:

  1. Write simple control file
  2. Make deb by command: dpkg -b DIRECTORY PACKAGE_NAME.deb

Problem Solved.