Making an aggregated device troubles

I want to start using ardour, so i downloaded it and read the mac page on the site. So I need to first make an aggregated device for my presonus firepod. So i go into the audio/midi setup then to the open aggregate device editor, click the + button and then i try clicking the firepod, actually anything for that matter, and it acts like it works for a split second then it just unchecks it really quick. I believe that I’ve read that you have to be an admin account to make an aggregated device, but I think i am the admin account and its still not letting me do this. Can anyone help?


The first time OS X native user page specifically says the aggregate device creation is needed only if you want to use the builtin audio device on a Mac Intel system. You do not need to take this step with any 3rd party audio interface that we know of, nor is it needed on PowerPC systems. Thanks Apple!

I don’t think you need to make an aggregate device for your firebox. It’s only for the built-in I/O because they’re seen as 2 differents devices. As your firebox would be seen as only one device, just select the firebox in the jackosx preferences.