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Hi everybody,
I’m on 5.10, how can I make the view follow the playhead? Also I remember when zooming that the playhead always remained visible, now it doesn’t anymore. Zoom focus says playhead, but it vanishes when I zoom in. Thanks for helping.

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Menu > Transport > Follow Playhead (ctrl + f)

but zoom not following the zoom-focus is odd. Are you sure it’s set to “playhead” (the dropdown next to the zoom icons, not the edit-point)? maybe try toggling it to some other setting and back to “playhead”.

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Ah thanks, that solved the first part. Zoom is still off. As far as I can figure out it zooms to where mouse is, but only when transport is stopped. Toggled many times, zoom focus is playhead, as is Edit Point.

We are not aware of any bugs with the zoom focus setting. However, the zoom focus can only work using the “mouse” setting if you do NOT use the zoom buttons or menu items, because by definition, when doing so, the mouse position does not correspond to a timeline position. Under such conditions, we will fall back to the playhead.

Hi Paul,
thanks for the explanation.

Hi I’m on 5* I thought I had this but on zooming as in cleaning up tracks( I’m a strat player second nature)
The zoom moves in leaving the playhead out of picture I then have to scroll across to get there.
I use the playhead to zoom to a problem part. No Big deal if this is default behavior.
Cheers bob

OOps RTFM yes playhead was not selected!!! Apologies!

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