Make Superior Drummer 2.0 Multitrack Work?

Hello everybody,

I recently purchased Superior Drummer 2.0, and I’m trying to use it on a track (well, multiple tracks actually) in Ardour. the Superior Drummer plugin is capable of having multiple outputs, but I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to get Ardour to recognize this. Ardour always only recognizes outputs 1 and 2 in the routing matrix.

I’ve tried adding more audio outputs to the track that Superior Drummer is in, but the outputs in the plugin don’t map to them, so I get no sound of them.

Does anybody have multitrack Superior Drummer working in Ardour, and be willing to point out to me what I’m missing? I assume that it’s something obvious, and that I will be mocked accordingly :wink:

I’m using Ardour 4.7.13 on OS X, with CoreAudio

P.S. I’ve been using Ardour for a long time (since 2.x on my Linux box), but I’m new to using VSTi’s, and I haven’t actually used plugins very often since I typically have only used the DAW as an HDR since I used to have a lot of outboard gear

You might note that Ardour 5 was released today.

You should be testing it on that. Try the freedemo and see if it works. No need to uninstall Ardour 4.7 - they are completely independent.

I hadn’t noticed that it had come out, actually.

I downloaded it and tried it. Multichannel output does in fact work in Ardour 5.0 for the plugin. Still probably doing something dumb here, but it doesn’t map outputs 1/2 in the Superior Drummer plugin to outputs 1/2 in the Ardour Tracks matrix, but whatever, I’m not too worried about it, and that’s a really small issue.

I’ll play with it some more and see if it’s something dumb that I’m doing to cause the problem.

Thanks, Paul. You’ve made an outstanding piece of software! As long as Ardour is around, I’m happy to keep my monthly subscription going (even when I don’t actually use Ardour, like the 3.x series). I just wish that I could give more on a monthly basis.

Now I need to go and read about these new features that I’m already seeing (like flexible IO vs Strict IO)…

Thanks again!