Make simultaneous region-drag of multiple marked regions optional

I often work in sessions with multiple layers (speak, sound-design, music etc) - and sometimes (more often than I’d like) I have to move a large chunk of the project, because I’ve had an idea for a new piece of music to add underneath.
At the moment I then just Ctrl+drag the markor across the regions I want to move, and then I can move them.
But then, if I try to adjust the end of one of the ranges, I risk adjusting the end for all of the marked clips - screwing up precise cuts and edits I’ve made before.
My workaround right now is to unselect all of them, and re-select only the clip I want to adjust, but it is very time-consuming to mark so many layers of tracks and try to be precise.
A way to be able to choose to only “drag” (or what it’s called) the end of one region at the time, would be great.

I also encounter that issue regularly, I don’t know how to do that though.

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