make mono region to stereo

I have a lot of stereo tracks in a sound design work. then i record some extra foley sounds with a mono source but i would like to add it to the stereo tracks to not have more tracks on my mix. is there a way to make stereo out of a mono track by having left and right the same track? that would be so handy for me. because now when i drop a mono region into a stereo track i (of course) just hear the track on one channel.

I can not think of an easy way to do this. Record all your next sounds directly onto the stereo track by selecting the mono microphone channel as inputs of the stereo tracks left and right input.

You could always use this same method to record the mono regions to the stereo track inside Ardour to make the regions two channel dual mono.

mhartzel thanks for the suggestion yes it looks like this is the best way to achieve this, also when exporting/importing a region, it stays mono… i will do dual channel mono!

I found a way to do it easily :slight_smile:

Go to Ardour preferences: Editor / Audio and tick “Replicate missing region channels”.

Now drag your mono regions to the stereo track and they should be playing on both left and right channels. I have newer used this myself though, just stumbled on it while exploring Ardour beta 5.10.372. The option is present on official 5.10 also.

this is fantastic! today i recorded already dual mono tracks but this is so helpful for future projects and whenever you have a mix with a lot of stereo channels and you just want to drop this one mono track into the session :wink: thank you so much for the hint!