Make ezDrummer run

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to migrate copletely from Windows to GNU/Linux, and last week I found this software that I think It’s all I need for my job as musician.

But I don’t know how to make ezDrummer run with ardour, I have installed it with wine but now, how I can access from ardour? I have tried hydrogen, but it has not the sound I am searching for (Under windows I use Nuendo and EzDrummer Drums From Hell).

Regards and thank you.

Perfect, the sound It’s working, now I will try to find out how to connect it with ardour and make what I want. But I think that in the end I am going to record EZDrummer sounds and make a new drumset and work from hydrogen and connect it to ardour, It’s simplier.

Thanks for all!

Glad to hear that:-) My procedure for composition is that I choose the best beat that I want to use, in ardour I create stereo track, in jack connect output of SaviHost to input of that stereo track, then I start recording in ardour and in host I play the beat and the sound goes to that track instead of speakers. I leave it for some time, change beat and so on and I have a drum backing in ardour…:slight_smile:
Just my hint…enjoy EZDrummer:-)

You´re welcome:-) Great that it runs, the working sound shouldn´t be as problem as many others have with wine etc…I tried it with VSTHost on my PC and sound was problem too…I´m actually using SAVIHost from the same webpage…It has easier configuration…try it…just download it and unzip it to a directory with your plugin .dll and rename savihost.exe to the same name that has your plugin…so you will have for example ezdrummer.dll (plugin) and ezdrummer.exe (renamed savihost.exe) in the same directory…then select wineasio as the wave output port and set the buffer and frequency to the same values as you have in jack…then reply if that works:-)

Clicking on the piano should produce desired sound…also clicking on drums in EZdrummer gui if I remember well (I’m using Addictive drums)…just to make sure did you run “regsvr32 wineasio.dll” in terminal after wineasio installation? (but if you can see wineasio in host configuration you probably did that, but almost everyone forgets it:-))

Thanks for your fast answer. I have tried all you told me and It runs, I see that the asio driver it’s running but I don’t hear anything. I am supposed to hear the drums if I click over the piano, do not I?

Here I show you a screenshot of how I have set the programs up:

Hi…at first you´ll need to have a wineasio driver instaled on
your distribution. If you are using debian based distro, you can google for
wineasio .deb…after that you will need a VST host…I´ll strongly
recommend a VstHost from…then after installed wineasio and
VSThost run jack client, run vsthost with wine, select your ezdrummer .dll in that host,
in wave configuration in VSTHost set the driver to wineasio…then you should see the VSTHost (EZdrummer) in
jack connection manager, connect it with the playback output if you want to just hear them or with the input of some ardour track you´ve made
in order to record them…and it should be OK…

BTW ardour can’t open VSTI’s (Virtial studio instruments)…only external VST host as mentioned, but you can use it with ardour by connecting its outputs with ardour inputs in jack.