MAJOR problem - I can't subscribe!

Wel I decided it was time I subscribed but I ran into a problem. It seems PayPal have blacklisted my email address or my credit card or something, because they’re refusing to accept my payment. They won’t respond to my emails (no surprise there) so I’m stuck.

Is there any other way to donate to Ardour development? Or is there anything else I can do to help out - testing, documentation? I don’t like thinking of myself as freeloading off the hard work of the Ardour team.

On a related subject, I subscribed before creating an account. The email address I use for paypal is not the same as the one I used when I subscribed. How can I get credit for my subscription?

Michael, what kind of credit do you want? There is no direct connection between subscribers and site members (to allow people to subscribe without registering). I see all subscriptions (and un-subscribes) as they happen. Your subscription records are all available, and I’m very thankful for your support and participation.