Major Issue with Native Instruments plugin exports

For the first time, I used Komplete 13 of Native Instruments to make a project with Ardour. The project is done.

Now I want to export. It doesn’t work. It happens that when there is more than one instance of the Komplete Kontrol plugin (which is the overall plugin where you can spawn any plugin of Komplete), the export is stuck in the starting phase. I use Komplete Kontrol in MIDI tracks for the virtual instruments.

I made a bug report (8674) about this.

So here is my demand:

  1. if you own Komplete 13, can you try to make some MIDI tracks with Komplete Kontrol virtual instruments (at least two instances) and try to export?

  2. if you own any other type of professional grade VST plugin, can you try to export a track with multiple MIDI instruments to see if it works?

  3. I did the test myself: I can export a multiple Komplet Kontrol VST project on Reaper so it seems to be an Ardour issue only.

I also wrote a thread on Native Instruments forum, and got an answer that amaze me. The Product Owner “didn’t heard about this DAW” (meaning Ardour) and “doesn’t have the time”. So I need proof that this is not only me, and/or that doesn’t happen with any other VST plugin. (edit) I made a test with Reaper and it works, so it’s an ardour issue. But is it only with Native Instruments products?


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