Maintaining Automation

Hi There,

So I have been mixing a piece in Ardour and I have found it difficult to convert a stereo segment into mono. Although I have created a mono region out of the stereo, the gain automation I have applied does not carry over and would require me to do everything again. Is there a way to convert the stereo segment into mono while maintaining the gain automation of the original stereo segment? Thanks.

Create a mono bus and route both channels of the stereo channel to it?
Or even just route both L and R to each channel (L and R) of your master bus. You’ll get equal L and R volumes that way.

Thanks for the reply anahata. Although I do want them into mono, the reverb is stereo so I do want the track itself to remain stereo while somehow making the input mono. Would the mono bus routing work for that?

Yes, if you are using a separate steoreo reverb bus you’ll get stereo reverb.
Good reverbs will accept L and R inputs and do different things with them, and you can still route the original stereo L and R to the reverb to take advantage of that.

So your routing is:
Disconnect Stereo L & R from master
Stereo L & R to reverb L & R (perhaps via Aux sends)
Stereo L & R to mono bus
Reverb L & R to master L & R
mono bus to master L & R

Make sure your reverb is set 100% wet.