Main Menu disappears after restart of Ardour 7.2

I recently updated from 6.9 to Ardour 7.2 (Fedora Linux, install from repos). But now the mainmenu of Ardour is gone/invisible. I can guess where the menu entries are, do a right click, then a left click and the menu entries appear. I found out that changing the theme brings it back for the current session, but after restarting Ardour it’s gone again. It does not depend on the theme: when setting the theme back to dark the menu entries persist.
I deinstalled Ardour6, re-installed Ardour7, deleted the whole configuration directory, reinstalled, but no way - the behavior is always the same.

Enclosed some screen-shots:

  • Top menu invisible:
  • but menu entries are available so I am able to change the theme:
  • After theme change the menu is correctly visible:
  • After a restart of Ardour: back to first screenshot: menu is invisible.

I really love Ardour and am very curious about the new functions of Ardour7, but this is kind of frustrating - every hint/help appreciated!



  • Menu invisible

As a new user I was only permitted to add one screenshot (not 4 as intended), so here one additional showing the re-appeared menu after theme change to grey and back to dark:

The ardour developers can’t really help fix problems caused by distribution builds, so the best course is to check with the download from If the problem still occurs with the official build then file a bug report in the ardour bug report tracker.
If the problem does not occur with the official build then file a bug report in the fedora bug tracker letting them know that the fedora build of ardour has an error which the upstream official build does not.

thanks for the fast reply! I will switch over to the official build from (the next days) and then report if issue is fixed (or file a bug report).


Installing Ardour7 with an official image from Ardour fixed the issue - thanks! Topic may be closed.

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