Made with Ardour

We played in this place called the Blue Garage and the owner gave us a 14 GB video of our gig … unfortunately, he somehow managed to get the sound not from the hall but from his control room so I had to take our own sound files, recorded with this little Zoom thing, and fit vid&audio using Ardour. If you open this video, you’ll see all the other songs of that particular gig in the side bar. Please feel free to enjoy our jazz music, mostly originals but some traditional tunes as well -


Great playing! I think for a live gig the sound is very good! Very tight, nice bright bass tone and the sax sounds warm. As a telecaster player I love to see a tele cut loose on some funky jazz! :smiley:
Compliments to you and the band, thanks for sharing!!

I like it. What was the sound from the control room like? Not enough guitars because the amps were providing a lot of the room sound? Or some other problem?

There was a door between the control room and the concert hall … you could hear the guy coughing and talking to himself louder than the music! We played in the same place three years ago and he had it right then. Glad you liked it!

You mean he had a microphone in the control room, not recording directly from the mixer?! Hard to believe, good thing you guys had a recorder running at the stage.