is anyone here maintaining the ardour macports port or plannig this?

If not, i would try this from my side.

Which additional libraries are minimum requirement (tü get a working build) on Mac OSX? Are there known features not working on Mac OSX (and should/could NOT build in)?

Many thanks for any hint.

best regards,

Niels. Open Source

We have no interest in a macports version of Ardour for OS X. I will not provide support or help for people who try to do this. If you want my support, then please pay attention to the fact that I spent a significant amount of effort to provide ready-to-run binary versions of Ardour for every version of OS X from Tiger onwards.

Attempts to provide other binary releases of Ardour for OS X undercut my ability to make a living, and I will regard them as hostile. I hope this is clear. Obviously, the GPL means that I cannot actually stop such efforts.

It is also important to notice that Macports breaks things in very subtle but very important ways when talking about distributing things, I really strongly don’t recommend that route for Ardour from a user standpoint as well.


no offense or anything but…wtf?
what you’ve just said is very anit free software. why did you even pick that license if you want to control who can distribute so badly? on top of that, how is it even possible to make a living entirely off of donations in such a niche market?

at any rate that kind of distribution is happening because it feels misleading when you go to the download page for a FOSS program, but you get a crippled version unless you donate. for mac users, that is fairly aggravating. you also don’t have it anywhere near as bad as other FOSS projects being distributed unfairly btw. flightgear has it much worse, for example.

my suggestion:
you could sell hard copies of the program, and/or video tutorial DVDs to ease the financial situation. it adds much more incentive for people to put money into ardour.

@d3drocks: It’s a misconception that GPLed programs don’t or can’t cost money and it’s entirely up to the author to decide if he or she want salary, donations or whatever. So neither you, me or anyone else have a right to “wtf” anything here. And the FOSS term is still a very unlucky term because people still have different opinions of what freedom is.

@d3drocks: you can do whatever you want with ardour. You can make your own binary distribution of it. You can give copies to anyone you want. You can (like the Linux distributions) make it available to millions of users at no charge.

But what you cannot do is expect my participation, or support, or even happy acceptance. Ardour is not “FOSS”. It is GPL’ed software. If you don’t understand the difference, please read the GPL again carefully. I picked that license because I believe in libre software and because I believe it is the best way to get Ardour developed. I never subscribed to the “free-as-in-beer” notion of software, on in "free-as-in-speech.

You ask “how is it even possible to make a living entirely off of donations in such a niche market?”. I don’t know, but somehow I appear to have done it, albeit at an income level that is probably 50% of what I could make if I followed a more typical career path.

@Paul. after you updated the website, it became much more clear that it “free” does not apply to ardour. since it’s described better it makes much more sense. and for what its worth i do plan on putting some money in when 3.0 comes out…I hope for your sake you get a kickback (more than just sources) from mixbus.

I have every right to “wtf” what ever I like, thanks. and it makes a hell of a lot of sense to “wtf” when a donation is a requirement. when it’s a purchase, it is very logical. a donation is what you do expecting (usually) nothing in return.
I am very well versed in what the GPL does and does not allow. everything i was saying was based on the term “donation” which is cleared up very well with the new website layout.

@d3drocks: i really don´t understand you… i´ve been using Ardour for at least 2 years, never had to pay a cent for it, it´s been always included and updated on every Linux distribution i´ve used, as far as i know, you can FREELY download the source code and build Ardour for YOURSELF, but you can choose to donate 1$ which is NOTHING (how much have you paid for your headphones? interface? mac? plugins? monitors? hearcut? cell phone? tv? internet? beer? shoes? cd´s?.. could go on for pages…) and be able to download a binary ready for Mac or Linux, so WTF dude? and yes as an Ardour and Mixbus user i know the best chance i have to keep getting updates and new features in my DAW is to subscribe, donate or buy in mixbus case, so not only i do it even when my position is one of the hardest to keep being subscribed, i also encourage every one i know in the music world to try it out, and donate if possible just because i believe is great and know it is only getting better and suits perfectly my software needs in terms of FREEdom to chose my hardware, FREEdom to record edit or mix as much tracks as i want, FREEdom to pay for it as much as i can or want given my circunstances.

you clearly missed the point of what i was saying if that was your response.
at any rate, as I’ve said, I have no problems paying for Ardour (and I have actually donated in the past).
the problem was that the old website used the word “donation”. it was missleading.
now that it is listed as a purchase, it makes much sense.