MacOS Monterey won't install Ardour unrecognised developer?

Hi guys, I want to install Ardour latest version on my MacBook Pro i9 2019 with latest Monterey, but get the message that I cannot install bc its an unrecognised developer.
Is there a workaround to install Ardour?

Thx in advance Pi-Qui

The application is not digitally signed. Right-click (or control + click) and select Open the first time to launch it. See also information how to disable the gatekeeper.

On BigSur (and later), after download the application has to be released from quarantine. In a Terminal window run

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg

Hi Robin, I did the things you suggested. But Monterey refuses to open the application. I entered the command in Terminal, but still it doesn’t open…grrr. **“Ardour6” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.**macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware. It refuses to open the app. is there another way? With regards Pi-Qui

Even after Right-click (or control + click) and select Open (twice)?

Could this be the issue?

I still can’t run an application after disabling Gatekeeper.

If the application was packaged in a ZIP archive, this could be due to the executable (+x) attribute being missing on the binary contained in the .app bundle. To solve this:

  1. Open a terminal by pressing Cmd + Space, enter “Terminal” and open the application.
  2. Run the following command: chmod +x /path/to/*. The path is case-sensitive and must point to the application bundle. (You can use Tab to complete file paths.)

You only have to do this before starting the application for the first time. You can start the application as usual afterwards.

This was copied from Robin’s link.
While I have a iPad I am not a Mac user so… can’t test anything.

Yes, now it installs but now Jadeo is having the same issue. Should I chmod +x /path/to/* . and do the same for jadeo?

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