macOS Ardour 7.4 Website Instructions

I justed noticed a difference when installing Ardour today.

The Install instructions suggest applying the xattr command to the dmg but it seems it needs to be apllied to the installed APP bundle after installation:

/Applications % xattr -rd

After this it runs nicely so far on M1 Mac with latest Ventura.

I could sign it if you like.

Was the disk-image already mounted when you ran xattr on the dmg? That could explain why you need the extra step.

Thanks for the offer to sign and notarize (we regularly get those). So far we resist doing so entirely on principle.

It is neither a technical issue (Ardour’s build system can already do that; the Ardour derivative Harrison Mixbus uses it), nor a financial one.

see also [SOLVED] (macOS Ventura) Ardour7 is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash - #8 by x42 and the following comments.

Yes it was but I replaced it with the xattr modified one. All good if it works normally with the dmg.

I totally understand your point with the sign process. I only accepted it for the sake of simplicity for the users and I wasted a significant amount of time getting it going outside of Xcode for my project. I cursed most of the time :smiley:

Ill rather offer things like that just in case then remaining silent.

At some point we may have to bite that bullet, too. Perhaps we can soon just ask ChatGPT to do that for us :slight_smile:


I guess it is too late to point you to ardour/osx_build at 756c0a80c9abdf1df9b08ec244314aaaac5976c2 · Ardour/ardour · GitHub (continued below at line 1142). Here the hardest part was to automatically unlock the credential for automatic headless nightly builds.

ChatGPT at least brought me to use the codesign tool. Since I had no of how macOS or their Apps in general work. I think its helpful but I had to push it hard in specific directions with questions or feed it very little chunks. It was helpful for getting a general idea of how something is written or something you can than do the opposite of :smiley:

In General its a bit of shitty that they want you to channel into their eco system so hard. With python it was even harder (pyinstaller and nuitka package/compiled). Especially for such small projects as mine are. Luckily the M1 had the huge advantage of very low powerdraw. So Iḿ saving now quite a lot of energy at least (5-50W compared to 120-200 W before)

I had a look at how the freecadians did it but couldnt find out much. For some reason freecad didnt displayed a warning. I wrote a python script with multiple options as a test and signing tool so it became kind of ok. Similar to what you did there I guess. I had automatic build for mac and windows without signing in place in github but since it was a package and pretty hue with 200- 500 MB it quickly used up github actions free limits.

I haven´t found an macOS image hat I use with jenkins or drone yet. How are you doing this? A dedicated mac were you build things? Since Apple doesnt seem to allow Virtual machines and such? I just found out that this is usually handled by some appel build system were you need Xcode for.

Yes, we have dedicated machines for that, sitting in Paul’s and my home.

Regarding power, we use a lot, but Ardour development is 100% renewable, CO2 neutral energy:

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Nice, you are really ticking all the boxes :slight_smile:

I managed to half my powerdraw last year and added a single 200W panel thats only harvesting the good stuff until midday but It will be expanded hopefully soon. Sadly I dont have a usable roof, just blacony.

Still some devices that pull unneccessarily much power but I got ideas for them. Targetin sub 800 kWh/Year. :slight_smile:

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