Mackie Emulation and effect plugin parameters

It’s great and easy using a bcf2000 to control ardour, every knobs and faders are assigned by protocol. I can walk through my mixer-channels channel by channel or in blocks of all 7 faders (the right fader is master always).

But this easy assignment stops if I want to control the (effect) plugins.

My idea/question:
It would be nice if the controller could jump to control plugin parameters if a plugin-window is opened and has the focus.

  • The positions of the faders should be changed in the same way as if it’s done if another project is opened.

And then should jump back to main window if the plugin-window is closed or loose the focus.

  • The fader should move back as if the previous project is opened again.

Is it possible to share the controller with the focus of the program windows in that way (like pointer device does)?


(I made some testing running two instances of ardour. They are connected in parallel to audio, no problem. But the mackie device is available for the first instance only and locked as long as the first instance runs.)