Mackie Control, what do the buttons do?

I have acquired an original Mackie Control Universal. It seems to work perfectly with Ardour, certainly the faders and transport work. However, I’m trying to figure out what all the buttons do! Does anyone have a reference guide or even a pointer of where to look in the code to work this out? I may even go as far as trying to make an overlay for it.

Thanks in advance.

I guess you have already seen the manual:

I’d expect the buttons to work like they’re labeled on the Mackie Hardware device. Are there any specific buttons that you’re uncertain about?

As for the source code: there are different profiles ( and the actual control-surface source ( The buttons per strip are: Record-arm, Solo, Mute, Select (in and the global buttons for banking, fader-automation, etc (


Yes I’ve seen the manual and the bit that says “FIXME: Update the controls description”

I’ll have a dig through the source code and see if I can write up a simple reference.

You can actually set what those buttons do. In the Control Protcol Settings window (from preferences->control surfaces->mackie control) there is a tab “Function Keys” that lists the keys on the left and 6 columns on the right. If you select a key and then click in the column you want to change, you will get a dropdown menu you can choose from. Many of the keys do have a default function but they are not listed though they should make sense from the button label.