Mackie Control surface configuration options

I bought a Behringer X touch Compact, and while setting up the configuration, I wondered what the following options do:

  • Button click
  • Backlight
  • the Send Fader Position … options.

The dialog looks like this:

Thanks for any help

The full page in manual is here:

The first two options are device dependent, and as far as I know, no current Mackie Control compatible device implements them. The final option - even I don’t know what it does or is supposed to do. It is listed as part of the MC specification but without any particularly clear description.

Our existing profile for the X Touch Compact already incorporates all the functionality available on these devices. We should probably remove most or all of those options from the dialog.

@sc3sc3, the main thing is to set the device right, choose “Behringer X-Touch Compact” that is included in Ardour make sure the compact is set to mackie mode (see compact manual). Button click and backlight should turn these things on or off on your controller… if it supports such things. The fader position radio buttons should generally have “when touched” selected unless you use your pencil rubber to move faders. Some older surfaces do not send a touch signal also but the X-touch sends touch so using it is good. The device file probably already told Ardour you have touch. So basically ignore the buttons unless you have problems… the sensitivity may have to be set for best operation.

Thanks for your answers!
Also thanks for your work :slight_smile: