Mackie 3204vlz3

Hi , my first time here ever , i’m a french speaking from canada, Qc, (my english is so so… , pardon me) i haven’t downloaded anything yet , my goal is not to get free stuff but to make things work (an incredible Bullet Proof Audio Tank) , as i’m No computer specialist at all but just a long time window user a friend is trying for years to convince me to go gnu (he’s an analyst and he will help me on this so here we go , i have a (disk drive) tower that busted lately so i think it’s time to jump up , i used cubase sx1 in the past , i liked it a lot , so i’m used to recording but i left a couple years ago so i’m gonna have to Re-Learn it all , my equipement is ; a Mackie 3204vlz3 , M-Audio Delta 66 , Midiman 2*2 Midi interface , Alesis SR-16 drum machines (very basic but it’s all i need) , first it was mind buggling to me about the compatibility of Ardour with the usb port on my Mackie (16 bit-48kh) , i haven’t found anything about it , then as my Delta is 96kh i would go on that direction for recording my stuff , my goal would be using it at 88.2kh (to be Pair on dithering) but for fast live stuff recording on anybody’s anywhere lapTops the usb 44.1 on the mackie would be friendly so i don’t discard it’s capability for ‘‘on the fly’’ shots , i guess i’ll have to go back get all ‘‘up to date’’ drivers for Delta and Midiman and if required driver for the mackie (if any need for that with Ardour i really have no idea about this one) , so i’m starting from scratch , a bit lost and i will be aware of all of your advice from step one until this thing work (baby steps) , The machine is on Intel quad (over 2 MHZ each , must be at least I5 ) on Hewelt Packard , i’m unsure about the motherboard i think it’s Asus i didn’t have time to check… it will be used only as a dedicated home studio audio recorder with a second drive for backup and for mounting video on my music , i wish to do it like a pro , if you need any data on the computer tell me where and what to check and how , BIOS only stil showing , i really lost everything big time… anyone responding to this will make my day and i’ll apreciate a lot , Rob

Do you have an operating system installed? That is step one. If you don’t, start here:

Another great option is KXStudio. You can either download an ISO or add the repositories to an existing Ubuntu or Debian installation. It has, besides most complete coverage of free and open source plugins, some nice tools to manage JACK and LADISH sessions, a universal plugin host Carla which you can use for almost everything your fantasy can go to, and a load of other multimedia apps which you can find interesting if you are into video production also.