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I am attempting to compile the latest version of Ardour (3.5.328) for Mac OSX. I’m not unfamiliar with building software from source, however I’m not nearly an expert either.

I suppose I need some more detailed assistance for my level of understanding building packages from source. (If there’s somewhere online that has this information I can find myself, I’d be happy to receive a link or the proper google terms to search.)

I got myself to the dependencies page, and downloaded the links to the packages libsndfile, gnomecanvas, libsigc++, cairo, gtk+ (for X11) , gtk+ (for OS X), … etc… which I believe are the modified versions I need?

So here are 2 issues I get right away, which may be simple newbie questions (sorry):

1st thing I notice: when I uncompress both gtk+ files, They unzip to the same directory name (with 2 added for the second one). I don’t need both? Or do I?

  1. I began building libsndfile and ./configure appeared to go well, but halfway through the “make” I got errors, beginning with:
    sndfile-play.c:61:21: error: Carbon.h: No such file or directory
    sndfile-play.c:62:38: error: CoreAudio/AudioHardware.h: No such file or directory
    sndfile-play.c:476: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‘AudioStreamBasicDescription’
    sndfile-play.c:491: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘attribute’ before ‘macosx_audio_out_callback’
    sndfile-play.c: In function ‘macosx_play’:

    plus a bunch more.

Mike S

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The short version:

  1. Unless you are VERY comfortable not only with building software on OS X but also fixing issues when they happen, I wouldn’t suggest trying to build Ardour on OS X by yourself. It is not easy and you will have issues you have to fix, and there will not be any support.

  2. Clone the ardour-build-tools repo and look at the scripts there for a starting point. The page you went to was likely out of date if not for A2 and not A3.


The main developers of Ardour do NOT provide support for this process. If you run into problems, please do not ask us for help. We do not have the resources to support source-build issues on OS X. We regularly build Ardour on OS X and many people have used the described process without problems.


This may be over my head - at least without assistance it probably is. I was hoping it could be a good “next step” in my experience in programming/building projects from source. But I think I may be several steps away from being able to do this :slight_smile:


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