Mac OS M1 single core increase during playback on mixer window

I have a bit of a situation, because of the model of my M1 iMac, it does not have a fan on the CPU only a exhaust fan and unfortunately whenever the performance cores on my iMac get used more then the efficiency cores the temperature of the M1 chip goes up and then if I load it too much it thermal throttles and slows it down. I have had mixbus 32c hitting 100 degrees C.

Anyway when using ardour 7.3 I notice when im sitting on the mixer window and playing a session one of the performance cores goes up higher then the rest of the cores and when I leave the mixer window and go to the CUE window cpu goes down and I see the performance core drop and then the efficiency cores are handling things, im wondering why that is but then im thinking maybe its because ardour is using CPU for the metering etc.

I would like to know if Ardour can better optimize the cpu cores when using the meters. it seems to be a single core thread when used rather then multicore. I had to do some test when I was in a fairly empty session with a decent buffer 1024 but my cpu temps were hitting 60 degrees C. The only daw that does not overheat my iMac is Studio One, especially with the feature that puts plugins to sleep when not actively processing audio also really frees up lots of cpu time. but when I use other daws I always have to be more cautious. Apples fault for sure for not including a proper heatsink and fan on the base model of the iMac M1. on MacBook Pro I dont have any issues like this at all even when the fan is not on so I know its my iMac, it heats up fast.

Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 2.23.24 AM

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