Hi guys,

I’m very sad right now…
I cant open Mixbuss anymore, crash everytime
I have Jackpilot/ Logic/MIO Metric halo 2882/MixBuss

I’m little bit lost…

please HELP!




We would need to know more about this. Probably the best bet is to get on IRC when someone is awake (Usually daytime in the US, though there are others awake as well). There is a link in the original documentation that came with Mixbus IIRC.

In the meantime, if you open up a Console (Applications>Utilities> and clear it out. Then open mixbus until it crashes, copy and paste the contents of your console to and set a decent expire time on it. Then paste that URL here(And in IRC when you get on). Also when Mixbus crashes, click on Report, then copy and paste the contents of that window in a similar fashion to pastebin and give us the URL. We can use that to get a starting point. Thanks

Also keep in mind that there is a support email in that documentation as well. If you email the above documents to that email you will hear back from Harrison’s support as well.


This crash, and others like it, can be mysteriously solved by re-installing JACK. We are not sure of the underlying reason yet.

The crash log looks like this:

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libardour.dylib 0x00ab4c03 ARDOUR::AudioEngine::get_nth_physical_audio(unsigned int, int) + 95
1 ??? 0x1aa273f0 0 + 446854128

Ensure that your Jack configuration has at least 2 outputs.