m-audio triggerfinger or some other controlPads...who is using something? what apps are you using? PLEASE SHARE Info. THANKS.

hello all!

yesterday i bought the akai lpd8. and today i’ve returned it. i was looking forward to be a fingerdrummer, triggering drumkits from the freesoundpjkt… but as i was using it with SimpleSynth, there was no possibility to set up a specific sample for each pad. and that’s just the way I wanted it. the software that comes with the lpd8 is crap and also i think i’ll need more pad’s then 8. but i just realized that after testing it a bit. is anyboy experienced in that matter. i really want an easy solution and i don’t wann spend a fortune for it. there’s a lot of stuff out there and i really can’t find what i want— i need help.

i’d be grateful for any hint or whatever.



I have and use a Zendrum. That’s probably more money than you want to spend, but it’s the best. The sensitivity is incredible, and you either wear it like guitar, or it sits on your lap. Here’s a link:


Occasionally, a used one pops up on e-bay.

If you don’t mind using sticks, you could look for a used DrumKAT or Octapad. The MIDI implementation of the DrumKAT still blows my mind, almost 20 years after the thing came out.

Good luck!

Thank you for the hint, but it’s not what I am looking for, and it’s too expensive. And it doesn’t look very nice in my opinion. But anyway… Thanks.

the Korg padKONTROL is a decent percussion controller…

4x4 pad grid, a coupla knobs, X-Y controller…

good editing/librarian software…

there is also a little Mac app called farmpad that uses the padKONTROL’s native mode to enable you to do deeper customization of the controller…

Thanks. I think that was just the Info i needed.