M-Audio Revolution problem

What do I need to know to get audio from my M-Audio Revolution? It works fine with Audacity, but after trying several jack and ardour configurations all I get is flatlining. I am using the card on input and output on the system. It plays system sounds and signals fed into it show up on the internal audio meter as well as its own. But I can configure for either of its drivers or core audio as the interface and set the sound card input for any of its positions, but don’t seem to get a useable signal to ardour. It records, but no waveform.

I’m trying ardour for the first time. (latest installer version with jack pilot)I’m running the latest driver for the soundcard. It has a odd issue in that it gives me only 192K for the sampling rate. But this is not an issue for Audacity, which still records at 44.1 and 48.

I should have mentioned that I am running a G4 with OSX 10.4.9. The m-audio driver has no choice of inputs or outputs. It uses the ones on the pci card. I am able to select it and the Jack router in the “Sound” settings on System Preferences. It has a fixed 192k sampling rate, but records in Audition at whatever sampling rate I set that application for.