M-Audio Oxygen49 midi mapping

Hi, I’m trying to control ardour4 using the M-audio oxygen49 midi keyboard. In the setting menu I enabled Generic Midi.
Sadly there seems to be no pre-made midi map file for this keyboard so I tried using the midi learn function. I can now control most of the transport functions and faders etc, however some buttons just toggle on/off instead of remaining on/off (for example the solo/mute buttons.)
So I’m guessing I’ma gonna have to write my own bindings file to get more control. Is this the right way to getting this keyboard to work? And if so, where should I save this midi binding file?

Well, writing the .map file in a text editor is how I did it for Novation Impulse 61.

The folder will look like /usr/share/ardour4/midi_maps/, depending on installation prefix of Ardur in your system.

Thanks prokoudine, looking at the suggested folder location, I’m guessing you’re referring to a linux installation of Ardour. I should have mentioned I’m running Ardour on a mac.
The ardour manual says this about OS X installations:
“On OS X, Ardour loads midi maps from its binary-bundle folder in Ardour-/midi_maps/”
If someone could point me to this location I’d be happy. I can’t find it anywhere on my mac, not in the least because I’m nit sure what is meant by “binary-bundle folder”…

Yes, I’m referring to the folder’s location on Linux. Isn’t it possible to find a folder by its name on Mac?

@straightothebar: applications on OS X are distributed as bundles aka “folders”. If you point Finder at wherever you put Ardour (probably in Applications), then right click on it, you’ll see an option to “show contents”. That will reveal the entire bundle/folder structure under/inside it, including the MIDI maps folder.

Thanks paul, that worked. The midi maps are located under Contents -> Recources -> midi_maps.
Using the novation_impulse61.map file as an example (thanks to prokoudine), I made a .map file for the Oxygen49, and it does the job (transport, faders & encoders work).

Should anyone else be interested in the file here it is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> "

Please email the map file to me. Pasting XML to website forum is rarely going to work right. paul@linuxaudiosystems.com

Hello, impossible to affect control on the level fader with a Remote 37 sl from Novation ( no midi maps…)