M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini - basic midi map

Hi, here is my midi map for Oxygen Pro Mini, basic functions.

Keyboard settings:


Ardour settings:

  • Protocol: Generic MIDI
  • Device: Oxygen Pro Mini Mackie/HUI


  • first slider: Master bus volume
  • next 3 sliders + 4 knobs - Tracks volume (1-7)
  • transport: play, stop, rec enable/disable
  • LOOP ICON - loop play or enable/disable, depends on Ardour transport settings,
  • << - jump to previous mark
  • >> - jump to next mark
  • BACK - jump to start
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini DAW:USER">
	<!-- Transport buttons -->
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="115" function="transport-roll"/>
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="114" function="transport-stop"/>
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="116" function="toggle-rec-enable"/>
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="117" action="Transport/Loop"/>
	<!-- sliders -->
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="33" uri="/bus/gain master"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="34" uri="/route/gain B1"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="35" uri="/route/gain B2"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="36" uri="/route/gain B3"/>
	<!-- knobs -->
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="120" uri="/route/gain B4"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="121" uri="/route/gain B5"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="122" uri="/route/gain B6"/>
	<Binding channel="13" ctl="123" uri="/route/gain B7"/>
	<!-- prev / next -->
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="112" action="Common/jump-backward-to-mark"/>
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="113" action="Common/jump-forward-to-mark"/>
	<!-- back -->
	<Binding channel="16" ctl="104" action="Transport/GotoStart"/>

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