M-Audio Oxygen 61 v3 keymap

I’ve made a first attempt at a new keymap for the M-Audio Oxygen 61 v3 keyboard:


Transport and faders for banks one and two work, the 8 knobs, mute buttons, and track change do not.


  1. Is panning yet supported via midi control in A3a10? uri="/route/pan B1" seems to have the same affect as uri="/route/gain B1"

  2. How do you turn the program change signals that are recorded in A3’s midi tracer, which look like this:

20:04:12.713506 Program Change chn 1 00
20:04:33.750518 Controller chn 1 00 00
20:04:33.750914 Controller chn 1 20 00
20:04:33.751083 Program Change chn 1 00

20:04:35.027591 Controller chn 1 00 00
20:04:35.027990 Controller chn 1 20 00
20:04:35.028165 Program Change chn 1 01

into a binding like this?:

  1. Why don’t my bindings for plugin controls work? I’ve set them correctly in the map file as far as I can see, and they are registered as relating to the correct plugin judging by the crackle that changing the mapped knobs causes on some plugins, but they don’t change any of the dials in the calf plugins, for example. Do these plugins just not support midi control of their parameters yet?

  2. There is a problem with mapping a fader to the master volume control in that by default the keyboard uses fader 9 for master, and when the banks are changed on the keyboard, fader 9 is the only one that sends the same control signal on the same channel. However Ardour automatically sets fader one as the control for the master volume, even when fader 1 is remapped to control bank 9, in which case fader one controls both bank 1 (master volume) and bank 9, and fader 9 controls only the master volume.

I can change what signals and channels are used by the keyboard. Though swapping the fader control signals on fader 1 and fader 9 would be a time consuming task, which all Ardour users would have to do in order to use my map file, and which would render the keyboard incompatible with other DAWs that support directlink unless it was reset to factory defaults.Also I like the manufacturers idea of having the furthest right fader as the master as I imagine this will decrease the likelihood of using fader one for track/instrument one by mistake.

  1. It seems that the factory defaults of the keyboard use the the global channel (1) for all faders and knobs for all banks. That means that all banks other than bank 1 need to be manually remapped using the keyboard’s special key sequences, which is time consuming (probably a hundred slow keypresses). That’s not so bad for me, but for other users they will need to be made aware of the preparation necessary to use the keymap. Where should I put this information though - comments in the xml map file won’t be read by new users. Will there be space in the manual for this?

Comment: It would be really useful if the midi mapping that is saved in Ardour session files used the same xml schema as .map files, because that way you could learn using ctrl+middle click and then consult the output in the save file to see what you need to put in the .map file. It seems more logical to me to be consistent in the format which midi key assignments are saved in.



Drupal’s HTML parser ate the code from the end of point two. It should have read:

into a binding like this?:

Binding channel=“1” pgm=“32” uri="/route/mute B1"