M-Audio Omnistudio & MTC Sync

Hi I am new to Ardour and am just getting things set up.

I am using a M-audio Omni studio usb device and could do with some tips

So far I can access first 2 input channels only, however I do manage to record at low latency so the devise can be seen OK

How do I access Inputs 3&4 for 4 channel recording?

Also I can set sync mode to mtc but it does not seem to be routing to the MIDI out port. Do I need to select the midi port in some way??

All advice greatfully received.

cheers John

the channel issue is at the JACK/ALSA level. You are probably telling JACK to open a device that, as far as the device driver is concerned, has only 2 channels. You should use aplay -L to see what other device names you have that you could potentially tell JACK to use. Once you get the right device name, JACK will see as many channels as that device has. You need to understand that ALSA likes to present the device “as it really is”. This means that there are ways to access it as if its a 2 channel interface, and other ways that (might) have more channels.

do you understand what MTC is? you haven’t indicated that you have any gear that would actually send/received MTC. either way, you need to go to Preferences -> MIDI to check which port is being used for MTC and then use the MIDI tab of qjackctl to connect that port to wherever MTC is coming from/going to.

btw, my previous reply assumes you are on linux. your original post gave no indication one way or another what platform you are using.