M-Audio FireWire 1814

Does anyone know the recommended Alsa and/or Jack settings I should be using for this interface? I had it working but I must have changed something. Now, nothing. No audio, no signal in or out, but also no error messages. It looks like it should be working when I look at settings, but I get only silence.

Thanks in advance!

hi. read on ffado site for compatibility maudio firewire 1814 - http://www.ffado.org/?q=comment/12869#comment-12869

Its working for me!
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I have an m-audio fw1814 working currently with ffado-mixer. The computer is sending audio via virewire and it is playing out of 2 stereo monitors hooked up to the device! I am not a developer and I do not know what I did to make it work, aside from installing the packages and disabling pulseaudio auto start.

Currently pulse is not started, I can only control volume from inside ffado mixer… if someone would like to have a remote session with me and analyse my configuration I would be more than happy… lets get this device officially supported!

contact me at brad87(at)gmail.com if you would like to talk more about this… I have been trying to get in touch with members of the project but its harder than i thought as the irc channel is all but empty.

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Thanks! I got it working again after posting this… but it is so flaky. The channels are all mapped funny, and it stopped working again, then started, etc. I hooked up my 2 channel PreSonus AudioBox for now which is working well. I’d really love to get those 8 channels on the FW working though. But I don’t feel like wrestling with it every day

Hey Brad!

Did you have any luck using the optical spdif in for an adat connection? I have a FW1814 hooked up and working I just can’t get my M-Audio Octane to show up in JACK. Everything looks fine in the ffado control GUI. I plug the FW1814 into my old PowerMac and it works fine.

How do you have JACK setup for your FW1814?

Ok, i can confirm that FW1814 works on AVL-MXE linux (MX linux fork) with FFADO 2.4.1 in both ways - ALSA and JACK. ALSA works when you set outputs 1/2 as “Aux 1/2 Out” in FFADO. If you want to use Jack you need to close FFADO window or you will get “device is busy” error on Jack start. After that set qjackctl : Device - hw:F1814 Samlerate - 44100 Frames - 1024 and Period - 2. I was test it with Firefox (somafm radio stream) and with Bitwig Studio (Jack).