M-Audio Fasttrack USB not Fasttrack PRO

Happy Friday to all of you. I just got a M-Audio Fasttrack USB (not Pro) sound card which is immediately recognized by ALSA I can play all sounds (movies) trough it. I can play my guitar in the speakers even without JACK started.The Mic also works fine in the speakers. Loud and clear.
In JACK Control I see the sound card as M-Audio Fasttrack. Also I can play tracks recorded previously (with a different card) with Ardour trough this M-Audio Fasttrack card.

BUT… I can not record sound. I adjusted the input setting many times. I have recorded in Ardour with the on-board sound card and a BEHRINGER interface everything works except I cannot get the signal to record from the M-AUDIO Fasttrack USB (not PRO). I figure if I have a signal in the speakers from my Guitar there must be a way to capture that signal… It sure cant be ALSA related.

Please help if you can. I stumble still with all of this.

Have a great weekend!


Have you raised the input levels (capture) in alsamixer for the M-Audio device?


Unfortunately I do not know how to do that. But if I can hear the guitar in my speakers aren’t the input levels loud enough?

Please elaborate - Thanks - Hans

not necessarily!

it depends on your card. i don’t know about the fasttrack, but if it has something like hardware-monitoring, you can hear sound from your guitar, even though it’s not up in the alsamixer. the soundcard “sends” your signal directly to the output in order to avoid the latency of the pc. this is useful for recording (because you can hear your playing without delay)

what linux distribution are you on? try opening a terminal and type alsamixer and then hit return, if you get a mixer interface in the terminal then try to raise the channels for recording there (navigate with the arrows, raise with arrows as well) to mute/unmute a channel just press “m” on the selected channel.

hope that helps…

Thanks a lot. I am on UBUNTU Studio 9.04 Hope this will resolve my recording issues.

Have a great weekend!


I have an M_Audio FTP Pro as well, I have configured it to run in my ubuntu box with 24 bit capture capability, I had to compile my own kernel applying a patch specifically for this device to run with least latency possible, 24 bit recording @ 44100 or 48000. It’s a bit too much to post here, I have seen a lot of forums and places where people are asking how to set it up to work with JACK. I am at the moment writing a brief tut on my blog, so I ask you to be patient and bare with me since I am very busy these days, just moved to Mexico City from my small urban town.

Just keep an aye at my blog where I will post instructions and the patch to make this device work.


AHHH! Completely misread your post title. You are asking about the (NOT PRO) version.

Sorry then, I guess this won’t work for you after all.

If an admin sees this please delete my posts if you think it’s necessary.

Sorry again.

Still very informative. Please leave message. I got the Fasttrack USB working by turning in the inputs in UBUNTU for some reason the arre muted by default. It is plug and play. Thank you all for the great postings. I love Mexico City I was living there from 1986 - 1992. Have fun and be careful.