M-Audio Fast Track Pro

First off, I am a complete beginner with Macs and audio software. The problem,. in brief, is that I can’t get Ardour to record anything using the M-Audio interface. It shows up in the menu for Audio Settings, but if I select it, it’s dead. Nothing comes through when I try to monitor a track or to record.

The device is working properly in GarageBand. I Ardour a few times without the fast track, which just an aggregate device, and that worked fine.

I’m on a Mac mini running OS X version 10.6.3

Apologies in advance. This is a bit incoherent. Just hoping there is something very simple I’m missing.

Before you start the JACK server using JACK Pilot, have you selected your M-Audio interface in JACK Pilot preferences?

I don’t know the interface so I don’t know if the inputs and outputs are seen as one device (as I have with my MOTU 828mkII).

Hope this is of some help.