M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Hi, does anyone know whether the M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB audio interface works well with Ardour on Linux?

Don’t know off hand. If it is a USB 1 class compliant device it likely will work. If it is a USB 2 device it likely will NOT work.


It works very well, I got mine setup with near to zero latency but had to compile my own rt kernel and patch the usbaudio.c in the newer kernel to enable 24 bit recording. If you just plug it out of the box you’ll only get 16 bit. If you are interested in patching and making your kernel I can post you the patch somewhere and tell you which kernel version to download. You can see a little about this here:


The patch they give there is for quite an old kernel, I downloaded the patch and readjusted it for the kernel version and when I applied the patch not a single error popped out, compiled and installed, now I can record with FTP at 24 bit, either 44100 or 48000 and with digital i/o also.

So if you do know how to compile a kernel in linux or if you are up to the callenge let me know and I’ll post you my newer patch.

It is a USB 1, that’s why it does work out of the box, the newer Fast Track Pro Ultra is a USB 2 and does not work under linux AFAIK.

How can I get your patch version and how do I compile my kernel with it?
(I have an Fast Track Pro too)
My kernel:

Little late for the reply but I’ve been wandering around the same thing these days and found this great post:


Tsk tsk I just realized the author of that blog also posted here xD

Thanks Joe! gret job :slight_smile:

Just a quick update…

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Oh, and I’m rewriting the guide for Debian, no more ubuntu for Pro Audio…

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